Inner thoughts..

Sometimes I think why am I always considered wrong? Am I too bad ? Or maybe people don’t like me? But then I realise the fault doesn’t lies in me ….it’s the mindsets of such people who are always complaining no matter what . Thinking about this I realise that there is nothing that could make them happy and appreciating so why do I try! What do I expect from them! Them – the miserable people .They themselves are suffering from an illness cause they always bring negative vibes in the surrounding.So rather we should be ignorant towards them..cause getting angry and being sad is only destroying your time and moment ,instead laugh ,be cheerful .Laugh at them,how they are in such a pitiful condition which they could never come out off.Never let such people affect you and your time which are both very precious and leave those people out there with all their complaints and negativeness.Listening to them and getting affected would mean you are letting them win..You know you are doing well and what’s the truth…so leave the other facts.They are just like any other pebble in your path which if you want could be easily removed .Just throw them out of your path or even if they remains they have a null and void presence so just spit out your anger and be happy .😃

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